Tyler Breech

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Millville, PA


Idaho State University
Graduate student
Biological Sciences

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Funded by EPSCoR Award:

GEM3 | OIA-1757324

Research Location(s):

Species distribution for Redband Trout in western North America

COUNTIES:  Bonner, Boundary, Benewah, Idaho, Boise, Valley, Washington, Ada, Owyhee, Elmore, Twin Falls, Blaine, Camas

LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT(S):  District 1, District 5, District 7, District 8, District 9, District 19, District 23, District 25, District 26

Research Statement:

Tyler Breech, a doctoral student in Biological Sciences at Idaho State University, is part of the larger Idaho NSF EPSCoR GEM3 research team working to understand the impacts of environmental and social change on Idaho’s wildlife, particularly, rainbow trout. His primary research focus is the genetics of redband trout. He points out that there are many hypothesized subspecies of rainbow trout, for example redband trout, coastal rainbow trout, and California golden trout just to name a few. Tyler is working to understand how these different rainbow trout throughout the native range in western North America are related to each other, and where native Idaho redband trout fit in that family tree.

Research Impact:

Understanding of the evolutionary history and learning more about the relationships of rainbow trout within their native range could have a significant impact on management and conservation efforts throughout the range.