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The primary objective of Idaho EPSCoR is to stimulate research in niche areas that can become fully competitive in the disciplinary and multidisciplinary research programs of the National Science Foundation and other relevant agencies. Idaho EPSCoR provides support for sustainable increases in Research and Development capacity and advances science and engineering capabilities within the state.


Sagebrush in pots in a greenhouse

Sagebrush Research Infrastructure

GEM3 researchers are studying sagebrush adaptability and genetic diversity through greenhouse experiments and field data.

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Current Idaho EPSCoR Research

Current Idaho EPSCoR Research

Track-1: Genes to Environment: Modeling, Mechanisms, and Mapping (GEM3)

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Future RII Track-1

Idaho will be eligible to submit one Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Track-1 proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) in August 2022.

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