Genes by Environment

GEM3 is an NSF EPSCoR research program seeking to understand how genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity affect species response to environmental change, shaping both population response and adaptive capacity. Two focal taxa will be under study: one aquatic (redband trout) and one terrestrial (sagebrush). These taxa are integral to ecosystems in the American West, and are central to land-use management decisions that drive the economy of the region.

GEM3 is funded by EPSCoR, a program designed to fulfill the mandate of the NSF to promote scientific progress nationwide. EPSCoR's RII Track-1 awards provide up to $20 million over 5 years to support improvements to physical and cyber infrastructure and to develop human capital in research areas selected by Idaho's EPSCoR steering committee as having the best potential to improve future R&D competitiveness of the State.

For more information, visit the GEM3 website.

Redband Trout