Mauricio Nava, Jr.

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Boise, ID (Boise County)


College of Western Idaho
Undergraduate student

Funded by EPSCoR Award:

GEM3 | OIA-1757324

Research Location(s):



Research Statement:

This was a great opportunity for me because I got to examine plant physiology and microbe interactions. I felt comfortable with this experience and was instructed in a way that benefited my growth and passion for research, even on foreign topics. I was interested in microbiology but also wanted to learn field techniques that could benefit me in understanding ecology and the environment. This was a great opportunity for that through the use of lab, data, and field skills learned.

Research Impact:

The research I conducted on the sagebrush microbiome is important to understanding how one of Idaho's most unique and fragile ecosystem is able to handle pressures of climate change, human impact, and invasive species. This can also help us understand how to conserve this ecosystem and what steps to take towards conserving it. The health of these plants is impactful to the sagebrush steppe since they're a foundational species.