Mahrissa Clark

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Pocatello, ID (Bannock County)


Idaho State University
Undergraduate student
Biomedical Sciences

Funded by EPSCoR Award:

GEM3 | OIA-1757324

Research Location(s):

Idaho State Univerity

COUNTIES:  Bannock


Research Statement:

Mahrissa Clark is an undergrad student at ISU who is working on her way to get her doctorate in veterinary medicine. When the opportunity to be in research showed up there was no question about joining. The more experience in a lab the better prepared she will be for her career.

Research Impact:

The research that was done involved looking at the ovaries of a bidirectional sex changing marine fish. We stated observing the changings and classifying the different stages of development. We are now able to test what genes are being expressed and when. This is helpful for Idahoans because there is little research done one the female reproductive system. Understanding the female system in fish my have some similarities to humans and be helpful to understand different problems such as fertility issues.