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Please submit within two weeks of returning from your trip.

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Submission of the request below will be sent to the Idaho EPSCoR Office for processing of applicable EPSCoR travel claims.


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Did this trip involve International Travel?

University of Idaho employees and/or students must provide documentation of your International Programs Office trip registration with your travel receipts.

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Are you claiming mileage?

Mileage will be paid at 67 cents per mile as of February 1, 2023. Mileage will be calculated based on MapQuest / Google Maps. Please provide starting and destination addresses below. Provide odometer readings and explanation for extenuating circumstances.

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Are you claiming per diem on this claim?

Per Diem will be provided for eligible meals that were NOT provided and based on your trip's location (Idaho $55/day, as federally allowed) and your departure and return date/time.


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