Idaho: A Perfect Landscape for Adventure and Learning (2014 MILES)
Figure 1:
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Highlight provided by Brant G. Miller, Karla Bradley Eitel, and Lee Vierling, University of Idaho for IIA-1301792 Figure provided by Brant G. Miller, University of Idaho,

The complex interactions between society and the environment, and the societal benefits that the environment provides (called "ecosystem services") can create difficult decisions for policy makers and land managers. Idaho's EPSCoR project, Managing Idaho's Landscapes for Ecosystem Services (MILES) is creating opportunities for Idaho scientists, other educators, decision makers, students, and the public to explore these interactions in hands-on, place-based, team-oriented approach, and to share their adventure with the world through an online environment (


Adventure Learning expeditions are laying an important foundation for better research, better education, and better science-based policy decisions that will benefit local communities and the health of surrounding landscapes.


Teams of university scientists, educators, community decision makers, land managers, K-12 teachers, and students are participating together in summer learning adventures called expeditions, to explore the complexities of how social and ecological issues affect the communities and landscapes of the Gem State.