Workshop Opportunity: Building Bridges to Use-Inspired Research and Science-Informed Practices

You are invited to participate in a workshop series that aims to build stronger connections among academic, private, and government partners to translate basic science research into solutions that benefit society. The workshop series is called “Building Bridges to Use-Inspired Research and Science-Informed Practices” and will consist of two synchronous online events called MicroLabs (April 14 and May 12), followed by an in-person three-day workshop in Boise, Idaho (June 12-14).

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Who is this workshop targeting? Anyone in any organization at any career stage who is interested in building stronger connections among academic, private, and government partners to translate basic science research into solutions that benefit society.

What will participants do? Participants of the workshop will co-create the structures and processes that guide how diverse organizations collaboratively support and value use-inspired science. NSF defines use-inspired research as research and training that is intentionally co-designed by teams of scientists and engineers, practitioners, and users to address the nation's environmental, societal, and economic challenges and grow a diverse and versatile STEM workforce. The vision of the workshop is to support researchers across career stages who want to take advantage of new funding and partnership opportunities within and associated with the new Technology, Innovation, and Partnership Directorate at NSF and to support government and private organizations who want their science needs to be more broadly understood and incorporated into research priorities.


We invite you to register for the free interactive Pre-Workshop MicroLab Series and apply for the In-Person Workshop. Because the events are designed to build off of each other, we ideally ask you to try to be available for both of the Pre-Workshop MicroLabs. The in-person event will include an application where diverse participants representing all three STEM communities (academic, private, government) will be selected. We will provide travel support for all in-person participants.

Each MicroLab is an interactive, online event designed to facilitate stimulating discussions in smaller, more intimate virtual breakout groups. During the two Pre-Workshop MicroLabs, you will hear from NSF directors and individuals working in diverse use-inspired careers (non-profit, industry, government). Panels will facilitate active discussions that answer questions, share knowledge, and generate ideas to help build stronger connections among academic, private, and government STEM communities.

Dates & Times:

  • Pre-Workshop MicroLab Series: April 14, 2023 and May 12, 2023 - 12:00p to 2:00p MDT (Register Here)
  • In-Person Workshop: June 12 - 14, 2023 - 9:00a to 5:00p MDT (Application opens 04/14/23)

The end goals of this virtual and in-person workshop series are to:

  • Engage academic, private, and governmental communities in building awareness of the reciprocal benefits of strong partnerships that leverage and inspire innovations in basic and applied science
  • Identify shared interests, community needs, and barriers to functional partnerships
  • Transfer knowledge of successful strategies from existing use-inspired science activities
  • Develop recommendations for new structures and processes that will accelerate the translation of research to innovations that benefit society
  • Enhance and expand inclusive and experiential training opportunities to prepare a globally competitive, STEM-adaptable workforce

The workshop outcomes are not meant to replace basic science investments, but rather leverage and expand successful use-inspired activities and change how academic and non-academic organizations support and value collaborative activities that accelerate innovation, prepare a workforce for diverse careers, and benefit society.

Please share this workshop invitation broadly with your academic, private, and governmental partners.

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  • Jennifer S. Forbey (Professor of Biological Sciences, Boise State University)
  • Michael G. Muszynski (Associate Professor of Tropical Plant & Soil Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa)

If you have questions or need additional information regarding registration, please contact: