Idaho NSF EPSCoR Seed Funding Available - Deadline Feb 19th

Idaho NSF EPSCoR GEM3 Seed Funding allows project leadership and the Idaho research community to respond quickly and effectively to new opportunities as well as pursue high impact, potentially transformative research. Its principal objective is to catalyze new research on focal species, species interactions, ecosystems, genomics/phenomics, and other emerging areas related to the scope of the GEM3 award. It is aimed at groups or individuals that emphasize the collaborative development and testing of important ideas and theories, cutting-edge analysis of recent or existing data and information, and/or investigation of social ecological systems issues.

Seed Funding is not intended to support or supplement ongoing activities of the GEM3 award, nor is it intended to substitute for NSF individual investigator funding.

Results of Seed Funding should enable the submission of proposals to NSF and other funding agencies, and/or result in conference presentations and publication of papers in peer reviewed journals, and/or other data products or innovations. It is also an important mechanism to broaden participation of institutions, faculty, and students from underrepresented groups.